Whiff of you – the meet

Read about Gauri and Gauthum here to understand the story so far.

Gauri had reached Terminal 22 ten minutes earlier than the said time. She was nervous, but she was irritated at being called to a cafe to return the jacket. It felt like GS was testing her. As she tossed the jacket into her scooter’s boot, she was hit by the scent on the jacket. ‘Control,G!’ she told herself. She was standing by her scooter when GS reached. He had this playful look on his face, but she couldn’t say if it was a teasing look or just his charm. They had hardly taken ten minutes for the exchange, but she knew immediately that this man would be of a lot more importance in her life very soon.

He had a mischievous smile when she handed the jacket over to him. ‘Thank you, Gauri’ he said, adding a moment’s pause before her name. G’s heart was racing beyond control and hadn’t she left immediately, she knew she would have fallen for him sans control. For two weeks, they met outside the café every day, just for a few minutes with very less talk between them.

It had become a ritual. She would reach five minutes before him. They would park their vehicles at the same spot every evening. After a small awkward hello, they would get into small talk and he would simultaneously turn on a playlist. Music would fill the space and after about 3 songs, she would look at her watch as though signaling that time was up. Something was brewing between them, but before it could simmer to perfection, their world had changed. GS’ mom had caught a whiff of their romance and had nipped it at the bud, even before they could declare it to each other, saving her son’s ‘image’ in public eye and GS being the Mamma’s boy that he was, diligently followed.

He walked up to Gauri one day and said ‘Dude, G! No love and all, clear? I don’t want to mess up both of careers’ he said as though repeating a rehearsed line. No, she hadn’t been in love with him for sure. But there was a connect that she couldn’t shake off. His mere presence tugged her at the navel and tossed her 10 feet in the air. ‘Bah! No way, GS!’ she told him concealing any look of disappointment in her face.

It was Reshma’s idea that she look at moving on in life after what GS had said. With a heavy heart, G had said yes and the first alliance that came across had the same name as Gauthum’s’. She thought it was a sign and said okay to him. In all the rush, she had put the jacket inside an old box and completely shut out the entire episode for good.

But it was time to return it to its rightful owner.

I am writing as a part of the Write Tribe Problogger’s challenge.

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