When a city leaves a heartprint ♥️

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Two years back, when we decided to move bag & baggage to Coimbatore, I was worried that I wouldn’t find the comfort that Madras gave me. I was wondering if I would be able to accept another city as my own, let alone love it as much as I loved Madras.

But Coimbatore, it’s makkal and the warmth welcomed me with open arms. So much so that I didn’t miss home one bit and even said I loved Kovai more than Chennai.

Two years since we moved, we are packed and ready for another city and to begin another chapter of our life.

Coimbatore, you beauty I will miss your warmth, your lovable nature and the makkal. You gave Lishaan his first friends, you gave us Isha. Dinners in Yari, midnight ice cream sessions at Cream Stone, visits to Eechanari for every festival and the homes of our friends that my children and I have so often frequented; if one were to connect these dots it would form a heart. No, not being sappy but I know that Dhana & I will miss Coimbatore for a million reasons. Here are some that I can think of :

1. Friends

2. Radio Mirchi

3. Brookes

4. Yari

5. Cream Stone

6. Bombay Kulfi


8. Babywearing

9. Diwali parties

10. Castle Town

11. Eechanari

12. Tirupur

13. Mayflower

14. New year 2017

15. Isha

16. Sungam bypass road

17. Balaji groceries

18. Big basket ?

19. Bida-bida rides with Lishaan

20. Friends like family

There are probably a hundred more things that I will miss, but Coimbatore has given me strength, courage and a lot to carry life forward with my head held high. To friends, friends like family and naysayers, adieu! Time to make more memories and share more stories from another untouched, beautiful and humble city.

I am writing as a part of the Write Tribe Problogger’s challenge. #WriteBravely #WriteTribeChallenge

12 thoughts on “When a city leaves a heartprint ♥️

  1. Shalzmojo says:

    I can hear the love and joy in your writing for this city and have no doubt the next one will enthrall you too for you seem to tbe the person who looks for goodness in every thing! All the best for the move and a new beginning Anjana!

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