18 for ’18 – Goals and not resolutions for the year ahead!

18 for 2018! Sounds interesting right? Well, thanks to the Wearerealmoms network, I got thinking about this as well.

It started when Katrina of OneUPbaby got talking about realistic goal setting for the year ahead, as part of the December challenge of WARM. What I loved about it is that she stuck to the basics and gave ample scope for not just one, but many goals in 2018. So, without much chatter here are my 18 for ’18:

Folllow more about my goals with the hashtag #TheLazyParentGoals2018


Goals for me:

  1. Clean up – Right from photos to toxic people to unnecessary junk around; clean up your act. Best to do it in the first few months when you have the energy to push yourself harder.
  2. Love yourself – 2017 was an eye opener for me. From ignoring myself to literally making myself invisible, I had lost the plot. So, this year is more about loving myself for what I am, as I am. Simply because a happy me = a happy family.
  3. Make a solo trip – technically, read above 😉 But this one is on my mind for a few weeks now. Even if it means heading out for just 2-3 days, I want to get out on my own. No friends, no tag-alongs, nothing. Just me on the road/plane/bus/train/car.
  4. Get fit – Personal goal! Big one! Three years of bearing and raising babies has taken a massive toll on my shape and morale. Time to fix that. I don’t want to look my 2007 self, but I know I want to feel that way for sure!
  5. Learn an art / craft – I have modern lettering on my mind. I also wish to get back to painting. Let’s see how that goes!
  6. Get behind the wheel – High time I did it, don’t you think?
  7. Decide where I want to go – This is a mighty emo one. Will elaborate soon. But, it’s about making a space for me.
  8. Get offline more often – I think I have hit a saturation with Social media in terms of the amount of stuff that you get whether you like it or not. Here’s to lesser ‘general’ online presence and a more concentrated one.
  9. Get down to serious writing – No, I don’t want to jump the author bandwagon but I do have to document my mother’s life as a book/published work. This year it will take shape.
  10. Work on my temper – Yes, it needs a LOT of work despite my current efforts.
  11. Make money, save money – I am quitting my day job, so from now on every penny made is every penny saved.
  12. Wake up early – Gosh, I love sleep so much (especially the early morning time) that I end up waking late. I know it’s not criminal, but I really want to be someone who starts early.
  13. Practice humility. Enough said.

Goals for the family:

  1. Live well – In the chaos of raising two children back to back in three years, husband and I have given up good living. We make do with what’s available. Be it food, sleep or love. We just kept pulling on so that the wheels turn smooth. But what we forgot is that ‘WE’ are the essential aspect of the whole mechanism. If we aren’t healthy or happy, the kids wouldn’t be either. So, here’s to eating well, loving each other a lot more and enjoying a good life.
  2. Grow plants – Nurturing life is a beautiful feeling. Our new home has enough space for me to give my green thumbs a flex. Plus, the excitement of homegrown produce should get to the kids too right?
  3. Connect better – This isn’t a tangible goal, per se. The idea is to be more in touch with people around. My sister visited India this December and I got an abysmal 1.5 days with her. No time for proper conversation and a choked goodbye made me feel the need to connect more with my loved ones.
  4. Invest in the children – Lishaan is 3 and Isha is 1. They both are like a super absorbent sponge right now. I need to give them as much as they can take in and enjoy at this point in life. Travel, experience, learn, enjoy. (We are undecided about schooling yet, so it’s on me this year!)
  5. Have what you need, not what you want. Another aspect of decluttering. Minimizing to essentials and living simple, but living well.

What do you think? Do you have similar goals too? Which ones do you think are doable. Any tips? Tell me all about it!

~ The Lazy Parent

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