The AZ Tuckerbox review

If you are a Chennaiite, the word ‘tucker’ will ring a bell. It is our first and immediate expression for anything that’s top class! ‘Dai adhu tucker da’ equates to us getting dizzy thanks to something. Well, I must admit that I too got all dizzy when the AZ Tuckerbox arrived at my doorstep. I wanted to order the monsoon box for my toddler, but one thing led to another and a tucker package put together for my baby girl was on its way home. So, what makes Tuckerbox tucker? (I am going to use that word a LOT in this review).

Started by two moms who are pretty good at reducing your shopping woes (their online form to understand your Tuckerbox contents is wow), this is a subscription package series that brings to your doorstep adorable, affordable and excellent quality clothes along with tiny goodies to make your child happy. The Tucker-team says: ‘A box for every kid. A box for every theme. A box for every season or occasion.’

What I loved about my Tuckerbox is that every garment in it was just like how I would have picked it in a store. The fabric quality, the make and the design were spot on. You can pick your box type from the options available (they have Newborn, Subscription, Birthday, Bed time and New Mom’s Pamper boxes to choose from) and of course, you pick the age of your child. Once you finish the payment, you are sent a form which you fill in order for the Tucker-team to understand your choices better.

What I loved about our Tuckerbox:

  • The box: This in itself is a keeper! The first impression of the box is impressive indeed. Made sturdy, stylish and neat, this box will find its way into your closet for some repurposed storage. In my case, it is currently housing my new crochet project and yarns ?
  • The outfits: We received pants, night suits, a hoodie sweat shirt, a jacket and a training pant. ALL of these are what my mum would call ‘export material’. Finest of fabrics, softest of cottons and the cutest prints there can be!?
  • The add-ons: A super adorable plush bunny and a mini umbrella-pen for the toddler
  • The brownie points: vouchers worth approximately 1500INR. That’s right. You almost get what you pay. Discount coupons and vouchers for quite books, toy stores, babywearing brands, accessories and more. Literally a loot!

Oh, did I tell you that you can actually tell them that you don’t want any characters related clothing or vice versa? This is such a cool option for parents like me who don’t or do introduce animation characters to their kids.

One point that I would like to add to anyone trying out their boxes is to specify sizes in inches if that’s possible. That way, you can get garments that fit like a glove! Why do I say that? Because no two year old is of the same height and weight and you surely want to try the contents of this box the minute you lay your hands on it!

Thank you Jen & Grace for sending some Tucker love our way <3 We can’t wait to shop again!

Oh, before I go, did I tell you about their festive boxes? Yep, these girls will make you go #JimmikiKammal and #Mersal this Diwali 😉

You can shop for Tuckerboxes here

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