Of breaking patterns and pushing boundaries

Did you know that most people have a subconscious routine while bathing? They by default start at one place and end at another EVERY SINGLE DAY without even knowing about it? Nope, I am not making it up.

Most of us have routines that have become a part of us. These routines have become such an integral part that we neither notice it nor can do without it. I have my routine – 3 glasses of coffee a day. When I don’t get that, I get restless and something feels off. Ask my friends (who have graciously let me indulge in my coffee obsession in their kitchen at odd hours). But, how hard is it to break this pattern? How hard is it to NOT do something that’s essentially you?

Had I asked myself this question on that night of September 2015, when my husband and I sat huddled looking at his phone, I wouldn’t have known the answer. It was a job offer that broke every pattern and routine that I had. Of course, it was an offer that was too exciting and meaty to say no to. I took a deep breath and told my husband ‘let’s do this’. Words that my aunt had once told me echoed in my head. She said “Keep moving, keep travelling. It gives you a certain kind of experience that nothing else can.”

23 items from Madras to Coimbatore. This was a very emotional moment for both of us.

So, we packed our bags in a matter of two weeks and moved from the city that was everything me to a place I knew nothing about. I am a true blue Madrasi. I spent 28 years of my life in Madras and it was me. The shops, the malls, the beaches, the hangouts, the heartbreaks, everything was etched like blood vein running like a map. I left it all in a jiffy and in these two years, I hardly regret the decision. It also meant leaving family and friends behind. THAT was something that I relied on like my 3 glasses of coffee. But we found the challenge of a new life more tempting than the comfort of the known one.

Surprisingly, 2 years after the move from Madras to Coimbatore, we are ready to pack our bags again. Another city and another extremely challenging role beckons us and I am sure in some corner of my heart, that I will make that home too!

The thing is, breaking patterns and routines can pump extreme amounts of adrenaline inside you. I know friends who have left the comforts of home and homeland, in search of a new and thrilling life. ‘Don’t be afraid to step out of the known’ is what I am telling myself yet another time, as I decide on new curtains, new cot and sofa layouts and ‘where do I buy groceries now’ with the better half! <3

This post is my first entry into the Write Tribe Problogger October Challenge. Let’s see how I fare 😀 #writebravely #writetribeproblogger

~The Lazy Parent

Psst! I am going to put down 30 instances (all through October) of my life in Coimbatore. There will be photographs, notes and more. Tag along for I am sure you will like it. 🙂