Birthing a child

So, I spent a large and rather sleepless part of last night thinking about this... Giving birth to a child.. I would call it transformational. Oh no, I am not dreamy dramatic when I say this. It's the kind of transformation that you don't find mentioned anywhere (but here probably). When you get into the [...]

M.I.A. Momma!

6 months is a bloody long time to be missing in action. That too for a mom who can hardly shut up about things around her. But then, that's where nature kicks in. We have been busy baking baby#2 which seems to be consuming more time and energy than my toddler himself. Ah well! There [...]

The Parent Trap

You know, I am beginning to feel like this whole parenting thing is like one of those retailer network programs. You join as a bakra and then you find two more to join as bakras as well and then they find two more and so on.