Two under two

Parenting one child is hard enough, that I chose to double my stakes! Ha to that!! 15 days since the little one's arrival and the reality is sinking in. Nopie! It's not going to be 'easy' for sure! It will be doable, yes. But easy? no! Unlike most Indian households, I didn't choose to 'move [...]

And then, there were four :)

Yep, I have been MIA again but this time it's for a good reason... Ever since I hit the 36 week mark, I had been extremely anxious about the baby's arrival. I delivered L at 37 weeks and was expecting a repeat this time around. Little did I know that the baby girl had chosen [...]

Birthing a child

So, I spent a large and rather sleepless part of last night thinking about this... Giving birth to a child.. I would call it transformational. Oh no, I am not dreamy dramatic when I say this. It's the kind of transformation that you don't find mentioned anywhere (but here probably). When you get into the [...]


Lishaan's fascination has been shoes (takes after his dad 😉 ). So, if we were going out someplace, I would ask him 'Which pair of shoes do you want to wear today?' , he'd say ' Gee-fee (giraffe), ball, cat or some other shoe' and we'd put that on regardless of it complementing his outfit. [...]

What’s the Good Word…

I haven't blogged in month???? That's something! Truth be told, I have had an INSANE September, where I really did wish 'Wake me up when September ends'. It is one thing to be busy and tired through your third trimester, but it's another to have your first born fall ill back to back. It drove [...]

Something fishy about going organic!

I don't always talk about these things! Being a very 'goal oriented soul', I hardly take time to take a look at what goes behind the scene (unless I am behind the scene :P). So, my husband had been going gaga about his friend's 'new farming technique' that's super cool and very different, for quite [...]

Dad = Mom

I am thankful that times have changed, at least ever since we became parents. Fathers are not just ones who spend 'select quality time' with kids, while mothers do everything else child-related. This generation of parents, the one we belong to, is more equally distributed. I see fathers-to-be, new fathers and seasoned ones take up [...]

Clingy Mamma

You've heard of clingy kids, I know.. but a clingy mom? Yeah? No? Well, here's one right in front of you 😀 Guilty as charged. Call it the bane of being in a nuclear set up or just my obsession over my son, but I am super clingy about him and things that pertain to him. [...]

Experience Vs Logic

In a country like ours (no stereotyping here), experience is measured higher than logic or reasoning. Maybe it is our set up (joint family, with 3-4 generations under one roof) or just the fact that we are a very timid bunch, who have never taken the step to move from under our elders' wings of guidance [...]


Here's a quick post! Supermom! Quite a fancy tag to own, right? Nope! I have been associated with this word in recent time (No, I am not showing off) and I don't want to be anywhere near it. Truth is, I am not a super mom. I am a mom who is struggling to survive [...]