Stayin’ alive!

Weehee! The little one turned 6 months a few days back! SIX months! Time is flying faster than I had imagined. But, touch wood, we are keeping pace with it 😉 I had recently shared a pic on my Instagram handle that got a lot of buzz. Nope, I am not being signed by some brand [...]

He’s two young.. be doing all this.. That's what someone told my husband this weekend. So, Lishaan is 27 months old and we thought 'Hey, he should be attempting to ride a bicycle now' (big LOL). So, we waited for the weekend and headed to Decathlon in our city. I had seen some lovely kids bikes there [...]

The day my toddler said F*ck!

Don't gasp! not yet! If you have raised a toddler (in any generation), you know this happens.. or IS happening! They say toddlers pick up stuff real fast, but little did I know they pick up words faster!! *royal roll of the eyes* So, if you have known me from when I was in college, [...]

Get in Shape! LOL!

There's a reason I avoid meeting some people. They sap you out of any amount of confidence there is in you. At a recent do, I met a relative who burst my bubble, infuriating me beyond words. I walked in, stood next to this relative and made small customary talk. First, she praised me for [...]

What is the procedure to change the room? 

If you are a Kamal Haasan fan like me, then it's nearly impossible that you haven't watched Vasool Raja MBBS.  And if you have, then you will remember Swaminathan. What's that got to do with parenting?  Well, 'Excuse me, what's the procedure to change the room?' is exactly my emotion right now! You know, I [...]

Tushions 1.2 – A quick review

Cloth Diapering! It's the way of the future. It's what's going to save the earth of the unnecessary landfill. It's more than just safe for your baby. 2 years back, when I first heard about cloth diapering, I couldn't understand much. There were so many types, folds, fabrics... It got a wee bit overwhelming, but [...]

A contingency plan

I am sure all moms have one. Mine, waits by the door. No kidding, I am talking about my tote bag, ready to go, anytime. There have been emergencies where I have had to RUSH out of the house in just few minutes. No time to think, just rush. At times like those, the last [...]

Traveling with kids!

Travel and kids in the same sentence can be quite a shocker! Everyone makes Plan A,B C & even D when it comes to traveling with children. To top it, if you were traveling with toddlers, God bless you! I have seen quite a few friends plan for their travel with toddlers. Activities, books, food, [...]

Toddlers of Technology

There has been this long drawn debate on what's advisable for children in terms of screen time. Many parents are dead against it & have successfully managed to keep their kids away from screens of any sort. The larger percentage of the parenting population has not been that successful or hasn't let go of the [...]