Maruvaarthai Pesaaadhey

“Maruvaarthai pesaaadhey…” echoed from the small radio at the tea stall as rain lashed around like a scorned woman. Arjun stood there, trying to make the most of his cigarette. His eyes were stinging with tears, but like the famous saying, no one could see his tears in the rain.

‘Anna Oru tea kudunga’ he said, killing the last spark of red in the cigarette.

His friends still found it strange that he had fallen for a girl whom he hadn’t even met. The internet is a strange place! One random comment by her on his latest photograph had started a whirlwind romance of sorts.

Sipping the hot tea Arjun wondered how he had the faith intact even after so many days that she would come. In front of him was the tall blue glass giant that housed Aruna – Infosys. She worked there, she had said. Did she really? How would he find out? Her Facebook name was ‘Mysterious Girl’ and she had no photographs of her own, just of her photography works. ‘Aaagh! You fool!’, Arjun half-shouted as he got into the rain to start his bike. He rode away, splashing mud and his love in the rain.

I am writing as a part of the Write Tribe Problogger’s challenge. #WriteBravely #WriteTribeChallenge

7 thoughts on “Maruvaarthai Pesaaadhey

  1. Keerthi Vydyula says:

    Sometime we learn no to trust so easily in a very hard way! Though trust is very important; it is even more imp to think it through once. Hope he finds true love soon who is worthy of his trust!

  2. Shalzmojo says:

    Oh my god I hope this guy is not a creep who is talking an un known girl for cheap thrills. I really marvel at todays generation for falling in love so quickly and without any thought process. I can believe this to be true as I have oft heard such tales. *facepalm*

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