MamaEarth Bamboo wipes – Review

It takes a mum to know a mum. Well, this is one philosophy I will definitely agree with sans doubt. Being a parent in today’s world has given me the scope of giving my children what’s really best for them. From carriers to wipes, moms have covered it all! When a mom puts her head into bringing the best for the parenting community, you know there’s a winner of a product.

That’s how MamaEarth came to be a part of my everyday essential list. With a child who’s not yet diaper-free and a toddler who LOVES mess, I always am looking for something to wipe them clean with. Wipes? Yes! I remember discussing with my dear sister-in-law (across time zones) about making our own wipes. The lavender oil and the baby shampoo did sound interesting, but hey! Practically I couldn’t even figure out a bottle to put them all in! So, readymade wipes was the choice. Then again, choices are aplenty. Each wipe claiming to be softer on the baby’s skin than the other. Which one do you go with? Well, I had the chance to try two brands, with one of them being Mama Earth and we have a winner hands down.

Now, this isn’t something I am writing just because they sent me a box of wipes to review. I genuinely believe that their wipes are SO much better on Isha’s skin and mine than the other brands in the market. Here’s why:

  • MamaEarth diaper wipes are made of 100% organic bamboo as opposed to polyester. How do you check? The wipes from other brands tend to feel gruff and tense against your skin.
  • Their diaper wipes smell just amazing. We parents get a lot of cuddles and roll-overs from the littles ones and the last thing you want is a chemical smelling bum! MamaEarth scores there too!
  • Resealable packs! If you have a poop-losion, the last thing on mind would be to gently open the pack of wipes and pull them wipesters out! I have ripped many tabs like that and later regretted it because the pack of wipes dries out. Thanks to their resealable lock packing, the wipes are damp, soft and intact use after use.
  • They don’t dry out soon even when left out. It’s my favourite hack when I need to cool down; to place a wet wipe on my face and sit under the fan. The cool air and the fragrance immediately works on my senses, bringing back mom Zen.

Enriched with Vitamin E, Shea Butter, Almond Oil and Aloe vera, MamaEarth wipes have no dyes, parabens, sulfates, mineral oil, synthetic fragrances etc., making it just perfect for your baby and you. I could just go on, but you must try one yourself! Go shop for these wipes and more on! <3

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