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Food is essential; especially when it comes to food that we give children. We want to give them the best. Sourcing fresh ingredients, making everything ourselves so that we can ensure 100% goodness. Each parent does their best in this process.

But many a times, we can’t do it all. For example, take me. With two kids to manage, I found it challenging to cater to my infant’s needs for porridge-y meals. Yes, she did not take to baby led weaning like her brother and we respected her choice. So, cereals and porridges was the way to go. Me being me, I really couldn’t make these mixes myself. Let apart the complexity of mixing them to the right consistency and proportions, I had a tough time even finding the right recipe.

That’s when Yaazh foods happened (another reinforcing fact that Instagram is a good space filled with lovely people). Anitha of Yaazh foods was a friend on Instagram, who sweetly decided to bail me out of my baby food situation. She sent across four combinations of mixes (Sprouted multigrain mix, Groundnut Poha mix, Dalia Elaichi mix and Dry fruits mix) that were just what I wanted for my 7 month old baby.

What I loved about Yaazh?

1. It is made super fresh. At first, I expected the package to be at my doorstep in 2 days, but when I learnt from Anitha that it is literally made to order, I was happy to have waited.

2. The flavor is all natural. They don’t add jaggery or sweeteners. So, the child isn’t consuming anything you wouldn’t want them to – no salt, no sugar.

3. The mix is VERY easy. Especially for a lazy parent like me, it is as easy as ABC. Quick too.

4. It is versatile. Isha crossed the cereal porridge stage at 10 months and started solids to accompany her three year old brother. So, the mixes became pancakes. HEALTHY!

5. Value and nutrition. The packages are not so heavy on the pocket and also are available in food safe packages which make it easy to store. My package of Groundnut Poha mix lasted 2 months with no issues at all.

Here’s a little about Yaazh (Yaazheegai baby foods) for you:

Why Yaazh foods? What made you start this?

Yaazh Baby Foods is second best food which you can give to all babies. We have nailed almost all famous grandparent’s/parent’s organic, healthy recipes with around 20+ plus varieties of baby food which will suite babies’ appetites and taste buds.

We don’t stock or shelf anything. Everything is made only when the customer places an order, so that it will reach the customer fresh. So our products are literally from our kitchen to your baby’s bowl.

With so much being said about BLW (baby led weaning), how is the reception for baby-porridge food?

Lots of new mothers are struggling in raising their baby without a proper person to advice or nurture their feelings. After seeing so many posts about caring and feeding babies from distressed new mothers in various Facebook Mommy forums, I decided to do something about it. I am basically from down south of Tamil Nadu. During my pregnancy, my mother started preparing everything at home like health mixes. I have been where they are now, twiddling my thumbs as what to feed the baby today, how he would react and such new-mom troubles. So, I shared all these homemade recipes with my relatives and friends.
From that point, many mothers began asking me to prepare health mixes and other instant porridge powders for their babies as it was difficult for them to prepare by themselves. Thus was born Yaazh Foods! A brand of wholesome and pure homemade baby food products, made without preservatives, added flavors, added sugar or salt. 100% Organic & Natural!

As a mother yourself, how do you manage the everyday running of Yaazh?

It is a family run business. As of now our team consists of 4 members – My parents, my husband and me. We get the raw materials from nearby organic stores. There are lots of ingredients that go into a recipe. Say our Millet and Sprouted multigrain health mix has around 22 ingredients. Each one of them is soaked separately, allowed to sprout, then dried in the sun and roasted individually as each ingredient roasts at a different temperature. Then we make powder mix of all these special ingredients. So it takes around 5 to 7 days for the overall process. My mom is the head of preparation; my husband handles sales; my dad handles packaging and shipping while I handle order and inventory management. Actually it is completely grandma’s recipe, meticulously brought to you by my family.

Tell us about how you introduce new combinations?

Being a south Indian, we have introduced many products primarily based on south Indian taste buds. It is basically demand and supply where the customer requests for a special recipe and we make it available for them. We also connect with elders from villages, to get their advice on recipes before introducing them to babies. We are planning to introduce 10+ varieties, which are still in the testing phase.

Apart from these we plan to introduce 15+ healthy cookies and healthy instant dosa batter mix as well in the month of Jan 2018.

What next for Yaazh foods?

Apart from serving customers who visit us via our website, we are planning to expand by making Yaazh products available in retail stores, organic stores and online retailers like Amazon and Flipkart.

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