I am a cow!

Ha! Before you get into thinking rebellious stuff,  let me tell you that I am just talking about the reference of a breastfeeding mom to a cow. Constantly at work! So, the network that I am a part of has opened my eyes in a gazillion ways.  I would say that it’s like a chalta – phirta ‘What to expect when you are expecting’. There is a world of information to learn and the most basic lesson for me is that breastfeeding is natural.

Have you ever seen a cow or any other mammal cover up or go into hiding just to nurse it’s little one? No,  right? Then why should I? I know,  I wouldn’t be flashing in public having said all this because our whole system is constructed differently.  But this doesn’t stop me from providing for my son wherever he demands. 

Thanks to the stories of elders who’ve been nursed until they were 5 and the pediatrician who is way too cool about the whole breastfeeding gamut,  I am enjoying the whole journey even more.

So where have I not nursed? Nowhere I can’t remember.  Takes a little planning, but works like a charm.  And hey! If that’s what your kid wants,  you better give it. 😉

I could go on about the health benefits of breastfeeding,  apart from just the simple thing that it helps you lose all that preggers weight like magic,  but I will save that for when you ask me about it 😉


Here’s me nursing at a mall with a teenager right next to me.  Did you know that she didn’t bat any eyelid about the whole deal? She was more curious about how Lishaan was being worn.  Ye! to a generation of moms who will realize that nursing in public or wherever is their right and they don’t have to shy away ever!

>Must add that NIP (nursing in public) is a whole lot easier when you wear your baby *cough cough*.<

With reference to this,yes, I am cow constantly at work and this is good fun! What more to bond better and be stress-free about 'omg what will I do if he cries?' the answer is right there! (not literally)

P.S : This has nothing to do against friends of mine who formula feed or don't nurse their kids beyond a point.  So please don't come back at me accusingly 😀 all moms rock & nothing changes that!

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