How calm is too calm?

You know,  there have been days when I have wished for some calm with the monster boy around.  Just a minute’s peace and calm. But,  no sooner had I wished for it did I realize that it was the worst thing for a mother of a toddler to ask for.  Lishaan lives up to the theory of ‘Calm before the storm’. Now I am like one of those contestants in The Amazing Race,  who has to keep guessing as to what will happen next and unearth clues after clues before time runs out.

A dear aunt of mine once said, that I should be happy with what L could do at that point in time (he was 3 months old and I had made a loud statement about me wanting him grow up and not be a cry baby anymore). She warned me that babies, crying or not, are much more angelic compared to tots with the freedom of movement.  Hell yeah! She was right.

Forget his crawling – creeping days,  I now dread the fact that he can silently saunter into a room and do any of the following :

* turn on all switches
* upturn the dustbin
* sneak into the bathroom  (shudder)
* scribble on the walls (Picasso & DaVinci in his blood)
* unscrew cans and containers
* climb onto the bed and climb back down
* chuck things from the bed onto the floor
* upturn vegetable baskets
OR *hunt down insects, without Amma to stop his Bear Gryllis type adventures

and the likes.

Here’s what I found him doing a couple of weeks back.


Sighance! Life with a toddler is free subscription to work outs,  entertainment,  drama and trips to the ER (for me, of course).

Edited to add his first piece of art on the wall. Not sure how much the landlords will approve of this 😉

So if you ever decide to drop in,  beware.  I could be screaming and running around the house like I have caught a mouse.  Well,  it would just be me trying to race against a tiny 15 month old brat in an attempt to save the house and my sanity 😉

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