How about you?

‘There is this nerve in me; something like the funny bone maybe. It refuses to let me obey rules’ smiled Anaisha as she placed her resignation letter on her boss’s desk. Umang was surprised to see his best employee walk in on a Monday morning and hand in her resignation with the same air of calm with which she usually greeted him every morning for the past six years.

It was her inability to conform to rules that made Anaisha stand out. She couldn’t play by the rules of the society. She couldn’t be silent ‘just because’; she couldn’t say yes when she wanted to say no.

‘Anaisha is a brilliant child with a lot of potential. It is her refusal to adhere to everyday rules that poses to be an impediment in her achieving bigger accolades’ read her report card at the age of six. Some called it disobedience, her father called it character.


Sadly, there’s less place for women of character in our society. Do you agree? How obedient are you?

I am writing as a part of the Write Tribe Problogger’s challenge. #WriteBravely #WriteTribeChallenge

16 thoughts on “How about you?

  1. Apeksha Rao says:

    Reading about Anaisha, was like looking into a mirror. ? This kind of disobedience and non-conformity should be encouraged in kids, if we don’t want a generation of robots.

  2. Veens says:

    These woman [just like you] are making a space for themselves. And there are people like me, and her father who see and admire and root for these amazing woman <3

  3. Corinne Rodrigues says:

    I surprised my parents from being the ‘good girl’ when I was young to becoming the ‘disobedient woman’ as I grew older. Seems like this Dad doesn’t fit the Indian norm, does he? But I hope things are changing.

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