Hey There!

There are parents, there are styles and then there are parenting styles.

Trust me when I call myself the ‘Lazy Parent’, I mean it. When you are being bombarded by series of advices, ‘you know what you should do’ and whatnots from aunts, uncles, the cat lady next door & the wheezy cleaner downstairs, the last thing on your mind would be to be the parent with 4 stars on parenting pinned to your chest. Lazy parenting isn’t sitting on the couch being a ‘lazy’ parent, but finding ways to make parenthood an easier journey for y0u & the baby! After all, this isn’t going to be over in a couple of years. So, let’s say I am here to prep you up for the erratic years ahead, laced with toys on the floor, pukey babies, stinky diapers & sexless nights!

usMe? I am the mother to a 13 month old monster (yes, he deserves to be called that!). He is a bag of charm & energy combined the wrong way. I co-parent with a VERY understanding husband in a nuclear set up in a new city. I fiercely baby wear, breast feed, co sleep, cloth diaper & let my baby decide what he wants in his tummy (even if it is a bunch of poor screaming ants!)

Oh, it surely wouldn’t just be me! I plan to bring in as many angles of this parenting business as I can through friends and parents like me! So, whether you are a seasoned baby-rearer or are just working up your ovulation charts, join the bandwagon.

P.S: DO NOT expect exercises to look like Naomi Campbell or diets that make you feel like Nigella in the kitchen. This is some realistic sh*t! 🙂

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