He’s two young..

..to be doing all this.. That’s what someone told my husband this weekend. So, Lishaan is 27 months old and we thought ‘Hey, he should be attempting to ride a bicycle now’ (big LOL). So, we waited for the weekend and headed to Decathlon in our city. I had seen some lovely kids bikes there and wanted to buy L one of those. But we were in for a surprise. The kind of cycles they sell were too… well, let’s say ‘complicated’. It was like a sports cycle condensed to suit a 2 year old. Nope! We sure weren’t going to buy that.. So, a little bit of random walking around the store and we chanced upon the ‘Scooter’. You know that thing that you push with 1 leg and stand blah blah.. So yeah… We gave Lishaan a chance to try it out and it seemed much more easier than a cycle. After choosing a color (YELLOW, screamed the toddler) and getting it fitted, we walked out of the store. 

Right next to the parking lot was a skating rink. There were about 20 kids, skating and tripping on their own skates. Husband stood watching them for a minute and said ‘Why isn’t our boy doing all this?’. I watched the kids and realized that they were easily 3+ in age. I didn’t comment though, because I knew that husbandman had just thought out aloud and neither of us expected L to be doing anything he can’t do at his age.

So, we watched the other kids skate for a while and were about to leave when one of husband’s friends came over to say hello. A little talk and we got to know that his son was there inside the rink too, ‘warming up’ to join skating. He was 3.5 and still not ready for it. I have no clue where this ‘why isn’t my kid doing this’ creeps into heads from, but it does happen even to the best of parents. We just need to step back a bit and see what our kid is already doing well for his age. Its a matter of time before which he will be out there doing things that we wanted him to do. and more! So, best is to sit back and relax. Let the boy do his thing and equip him to explore. He’s 2 after all!

Did I tell you that I had tears in my eyes when Lishaan narrated his birth story back to me, actions et al. He improvised here and there, but to think that THIS was my tiny little 3kg baby who had grown up so much that he was sitting in front of me, telling ME how he was born 😛 Kids, they grow up really fast. Our job is not to push them further, but to let them slow down in this breakneck speed race to grow up. Right? 🙂

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