Maruvaarthai Pesaaadhey

"Maruvaarthai pesaaadhey..." echoed from the small radio at the tea stall as rain lashed around like a scorned woman. Arjun stood there, trying to make the most of his cigarette. His eyes were stinging with tears, but like the famous saying, no one could see his tears in the rain. 'Anna Oru tea kudunga' he [...]

Monster in my head

The monsters in my head whisper all night long. 'Toss her away... Run away. Don't come back. Cut yourself up' they keep whispering in my ears. I sing out aloud but their voice even fills the tunes of my favorite songs. Leaving my baby in her crib, I run into the bathroom, throw myself into [...]

Amma learns Whatsapp

'Molu, teach me how to use this Whatsapp no?' said Amma for the tenth time in the same phone call. It was 11 in the night for her, two hours beyond her bed time, but she was still awake waiting for my phone call. Ever since I moved to the US, this has been the [...]

How about you?

‘There is this nerve in me; something like the funny bone maybe. It refuses to let me obey rules’ smiled Anaisha as she placed her resignation letter on her boss’s desk. Umang was surprised to see his best employee walk in on a Monday morning and hand in her resignation with the same air of [...]

Whiff of you – the meet

Read about Gauri and Gauthum here to understand the story so far. Gauri had reached Terminal 22 ten minutes earlier than the said time. She was nervous, but she was irritated at being called to a cafe to return the jacket. It felt like GS was testing her. As she tossed the jacket into her [...]

Nostalgia is a b*tch!

Gauri was certain that the salesgirl dived across the desk, to catch hold of her. It had been embarrassing, even more for the salesgirl when a 40 something woman almost stumbled backward, sending bottles of perfume samples flying all around. Somehow, Gauri managed to find a corner table at the Starbucks on the floor above [...]