The AZ Tuckerbox review

If you are a Chennaiite, the word ‘tucker’ will ring a bell. It is our first and immediate expression for anything that’s top class! ‘Dai adhu tucker da’ equates to us getting dizzy thanks to something. Well, I must admit that I too got all dizzy when the AZ Tuckerbox arrived at my doorstep. I [...]

What’s in your toy basket?

Have you ever told people to not buy gifts for your children? I know that sounds rude, but I have tried to be very diplomatic in explaining to family and friends that a) he has enough toys and b)we don’t want to buy him toys that he doesn’t understand the use for. It’s a task, [...]

PLB Kids – August Kids Book Box review

Lishaan hasn't been the bookworm kinds. So far, he has been interested in active play and books have been gathering dust, much to my dismay. At one point, I stopped buying books (no matter how interesting they were) because he just wouldn't sit to read. Of course, with Isha coming in, I hardly even found [...]

Tushions 1.2 – A quick review

Cloth Diapering! It's the way of the future. It's what's going to save the earth of the unnecessary landfill. It's more than just safe for your baby. 2 years back, when I first heard about cloth diapering, I couldn't understand much. There were so many types, folds, fabrics... It got a wee bit overwhelming, but [...]