M.I.A. Momma!

6 months is a bloody long time to be missing in action. That too for a mom who can hardly shut up about things around her. But then, that's where nature kicks in. We have been busy baking baby#2 which seems to be consuming more time and energy than my toddler himself. Ah well! There [...]

A Little About Me

So when one talks about a parenting blog, it isn't always about the baby. Let's do some mom talk! Who is this crazy jobless *cough cough* mom? ME! MOI! C'est Moi! 😉 To put things into a mini perspective, I have been brought up under the umbrella of 'No choice, but to be independent'. Me [...]

Gender Play

A few days back, mom had sent a 'Frozen' miniature of Sven for Lishaan. He took to it real quick and when we were talking later, I mentioned to mom that if she could find the others in the collection she should buy them for him. She was thrilled, obviously, because he liked a toy [...]

Spoonful of Emotions

This whole parenting thing is like running a treasure hunt without any clues. You just have to find your way through it. You will look like a mess at every pit-stop, but nope! no clues ever! And yet people want you to make a Princess Kate kinda appearance with everything the baby does. Did you [...]

The Parent Trap

You know, I am beginning to feel like this whole parenting thing is like one of those retailer network programs. You join as a bakra and then you find two more to join as bakras as well and then they find two more and so on.

I am a cow!

Ha! Before you get into thinking rebellious stuff,  let me tell you that I am just talking about the reference of a breastfeeding mom to a cow. Constantly at work! So, the network that I am a part of has opened my eyes in a gazillion ways.  I would say that it's like a chalta [...]

How calm is too calm?

You know,  there have been days when I have wished for some calm with the monster boy around.  Just a minute's peace and calm. But,  no sooner had I wished for it did I realize that it was the worst thing for a mother of a toddler to ask for.  Lishaan lives up to the [...]

Hey There!

When you are being bombarded by series of advices, 'you know what you should do' and whatnots from aunts, uncles, the cat lady next door & the wheezy cleaner downstairs, the last thing on your mind would be to be the parent with 4 stars on parenting pinned to your chest.