I am a cow!

Ha! Before you get into thinking rebellious stuff,  let me tell you that I am just talking about the reference of a breastfeeding mom to a cow. Constantly at work! So, the network that I am a part of has opened my eyes in a gazillion ways.  I would say that it’s like a chalta – phirta ‘What to expect when you are expecting’. There is a world of information to learn and the most basic lesson for me is that breastfeeding is natural.

Have you ever seen a cow or any other mammal cover up or go into hiding just to nurse it’s little one? No,  right? Then why should I? I know,  I wouldn’t be flashing in public having said all this because our whole system is constructed differently.  But this doesn’t stop me from providing for my son wherever he demands. 

Thanks to the stories of elders who’ve been nursed until they were 5 and the pediatrician who is way too cool about the whole breastfeeding gamut,  I am enjoying the whole journey even more.

So where have I not nursed? Nowhere I can’t remember.  Takes a little planning, but works like a charm.  And hey! If that’s what your kid wants,  you better give it. 😉

I could go on about the health benefits of breastfeeding,  apart from just the simple thing that it helps you lose all that preggers weight like magic,  but I will save that for when you ask me about it 😉


Here’s me nursing at a mall with a teenager right next to me.  Did you know that she didn’t bat any eyelid about the whole deal? She was more curious about how Lishaan was being worn.  Ye! to a generation of moms who will realize that nursing in public or wherever is their right and they don’t have to shy away ever!

>Must add that NIP (nursing in public) is a whole lot easier when you wear your baby *cough cough*.<

With reference to this,yes, I am cow constantly at work and this is good fun! What more to bond better and be stress-free about 'omg what will I do if he cries?' the answer is right there! (not literally)

P.S : This has nothing to do against friends of mine who formula feed or don't nurse their kids beyond a point.  So please don't come back at me accusingly 😀 all moms rock & nothing changes that!

How calm is too calm?

You know,  there have been days when I have wished for some calm with the monster boy around.  Just a minute’s peace and calm. But,  no sooner had I wished for it did I realize that it was the worst thing for a mother of a toddler to ask for.  Lishaan lives up to the theory of ‘Calm before the storm’. Now I am like one of those contestants in The Amazing Race,  who has to keep guessing as to what will happen next and unearth clues after clues before time runs out.

A dear aunt of mine once said, that I should be happy with what L could do at that point in time (he was 3 months old and I had made a loud statement about me wanting him grow up and not be a cry baby anymore). She warned me that babies, crying or not, are much more angelic compared to tots with the freedom of movement.  Hell yeah! She was right.

Forget his crawling – creeping days,  I now dread the fact that he can silently saunter into a room and do any of the following :

* turn on all switches
* upturn the dustbin
* sneak into the bathroom  (shudder)
* scribble on the walls (Picasso & DaVinci in his blood)
* unscrew cans and containers
* climb onto the bed and climb back down
* chuck things from the bed onto the floor
* upturn vegetable baskets
OR *hunt down insects, without Amma to stop his Bear Gryllis type adventures

and the likes.

Here’s what I found him doing a couple of weeks back.


Sighance! Life with a toddler is free subscription to work outs,  entertainment,  drama and trips to the ER (for me, of course).

Edited to add his first piece of art on the wall. Not sure how much the landlords will approve of this 😉

So if you ever decide to drop in,  beware.  I could be screaming and running around the house like I have caught a mouse.  Well,  it would just be me trying to race against a tiny 15 month old brat in an attempt to save the house and my sanity 😉

Hey There!

There are parents, there are styles and then there are parenting styles.

Trust me when I call myself the ‘Lazy Parent’, I mean it. When you are being bombarded by series of advices, ‘you know what you should do’ and whatnots from aunts, uncles, the cat lady next door & the wheezy cleaner downstairs, the last thing on your mind would be to be the parent with 4 stars on parenting pinned to your chest. Lazy parenting isn’t sitting on the couch being a ‘lazy’ parent, but finding ways to make parenthood an easier journey for y0u & the baby! After all, this isn’t going to be over in a couple of years. So, let’s say I am here to prep you up for the erratic years ahead, laced with toys on the floor, pukey babies, stinky diapers & sexless nights!

usMe? I am the mother to a 13 month old monster (yes, he deserves to be called that!). He is a bag of charm & energy combined the wrong way. I co-parent with a VERY understanding husband in a nuclear set up in a new city. I fiercely baby wear, breast feed, co sleep, cloth diaper & let my baby decide what he wants in his tummy (even if it is a bunch of poor screaming ants!)

Oh, it surely wouldn’t just be me! I plan to bring in as many angles of this parenting business as I can through friends and parents like me! So, whether you are a seasoned baby-rearer or are just working up your ovulation charts, join the bandwagon.

P.S: DO NOT expect exercises to look like Naomi Campbell or diets that make you feel like Nigella in the kitchen. This is some realistic sh*t! 🙂