What does pregnancy teach you? 😉

It brings me immense pleasure to share that I, along with 23 other bloggers are celebrating #9daysofwomanhood throughout Navratri. I thank Sanjivini for introducing me. I loved her blog on the prompt for today. You can read it here. Hosted By : #MyLittleMuffin #TheMomSagas #Mummasaurus #TheReadingMomster   Pregnancy, a nine letter word that can bring about [...]

Do me a favor!

My husband usually doesn’t appreciate certain topics that I touch upon in my posts. He says ‘people might think you are weak’ or ‘they might think you are complaining about them’. But there are some things that I would like to share and talk about and no, it’s not a complaint. Actually, THIS is a [...]

Fact of the Matter: Comparisons

Post # 2 in my Fact of the Matter series. (You will find the link to the first post in this series in this post itself) 😉 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I am particularly not fond of road travels by car. It gets painful and annoying very quickly for me. But what makes it bearable is the series [...]

Who is Anna Baby?

As is the case with most 2nd babies I know, Isha 'happened'. We didn't plan for her. We weren't sure either of us was ready 😀 But, life isn't about going by plan A all the time,is it? The first thing that came to the table after our 2nd pregnancy was confirmed was 'How will [...]

Fact of the matter: Baby Food

I plan to write systematically, or at least add a structure to my posts. The other series about parenting wellness, you can read here. This series called 'Fact of the Matter' is going to be about demystifying or breaking some myths about babies as I have experienced it. Read on! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------   There isn't 'one [...]

Count 1-2-3 : How to be there for your child

In my Instagram post on the little one turning 6 months old, I had said: If I do make it past another 6 months in ONE piece, I will write a book about this. I will reach out and help more mothers battle their inner conflicts. I will make a difference! This post is the [...]

Words maketh the man

When I was a little girl, my grandfather used to spend a considerable amount of time with me emphasizing on good English. We used to go through the 'Radiant Reader' and 'The Hindu', with me reading out paragraphs aloud. That, for good grammatical sense. Even otherwise, people in my household never spoke a harsh word. [...]

Turning 30

Happy birthday to me, Yay! 😛 I am 30, on the 'wild side' of life and stuff, YO! lol! Seriously, that's exactly how I started off my 'countdown to 30'. I thought of it as something transformational, like I would wake up with whiter teeth or brighter eyes or less darker circles around the eyes. [...]

Stayin’ alive!

Weehee! The little one turned 6 months a few days back! SIX months! Time is flying faster than I had imagined. But, touch wood, we are keeping pace with it 😉 I had recently shared a pic on my Instagram handle that got a lot of buzz. Nope, I am not being signed by some brand [...]

He’s two young..

..to be doing all this.. That's what someone told my husband this weekend. So, Lishaan is 27 months old and we thought 'Hey, he should be attempting to ride a bicycle now' (big LOL). So, we waited for the weekend and headed to Decathlon in our city. I had seen some lovely kids bikes there [...]