Rising above the clutter – 1

Part 1 - Making friends with toys All things children are like rabbits; they multiply so fast that you have no idea where it all started. Clothes, toys, books, mess, just about everything related to kids accelerates within minutes. That’s my learning from cleaning up my kids’ stuff this September. Until September, I was pretty [...]

Do me a favour – Part 2

So, I finally got help. After months of deliberation, I met a counselor to discuss my issues. What issues? For months now, I have been having mood swings and tides of low moods that have been causing a great deal of distress. If you have been following me on IG, you would see me talking [...]

What’s in your toy basket?

Have you ever told people to not buy gifts for your children? I know that sounds rude, but I have tried to be very diplomatic in explaining to family and friends that a) he has enough toys and b)we don’t want to buy him toys that he doesn’t understand the use for. It’s a task, [...]

My First Year with two under two

It brings me immense pleasure to share that I, along with 23 other bloggers are celebrating #9daysofwomanhood throughout Navratri. I thank Sanjivini for introducing me. I loved her blog on the prompt for today. You can read it here. Hosted By : #MyLittleMuffin #TheMomSagas #Mummasaurus #TheReadingMomster Isha turns one in a month and the whole ride [...]

Text as you pop! 😋

Who texts their friends from the delivery table, dilating well past 5cm? ME 😀 I was extremely lucky to have a bunch of beautiful friends who were super pampering and caring during my 2nd pregnancy. They were extremely excited about the delivery and even had bets running on the gender of the baby.   Hosted [...]