Breastfeeding yum! A review of MamaCookies (Lactation Cookies)

When Hasna from MamaCookies00 got in touch with me, I was a bit surprised. Why? Because, I hadn’t seen quick food made for lactating mothers do the rounds in India. And not just quick, but delicious food too! I mean, we have heard of oats and methi and garlic being good for lactation, but they need prepping. These cookies, ha ha ha! They are ready to munch out of the bag!

Hasna & Rifa have started this lovely initiative from my home town, Chennai. They bake amazing and effective cookies for mothers fresh each week. So, you know when you get a batch of MamaCookies00, its FRESH! They ship it out almost immediately, retaining freshness with their resealable polypack.

Well, let’s get to business. About these cookies – They are organic, made from a combination of nutritious and tasty ingredients that don’t make you feel like you are eating something ‘out of the usual’ to support lactation (I feel that way when I eat too much garlic 😛 ). The beauty of the fact is that they use only whole wheat flour *big ye for me*, brown sugar, virgin coconut oil and old fashioned oats as base ingredients (Yes, I checked the ingredients). This is very good especially in a house with a cookie monster toddler, like mine. Yep, these cookies are so wholly nutritious that anyone at home can have them! My son loved the cranberry loaded ones!

What makes it so special, you ask? Well, anyone can bake cookies, yes! But as a mother, you are so hard pressed for time and rest that you can hardly thinking of baking cookies for yourself. That’s where MamaCookies00 step in. Freshly baked, in a choice of flavours, you can save yourself the trouble of washing dishes and oven trays 😛 It surely works for a lazy mom like me! Most of all, these are baked with a LOT of love!


I wish I had taken better pic, but these were gone in minutes!

I was sent a mix of their White Chocolate Cranberry, Apple Cinnamon, Oatmeal Raisin and Dark Chocolate Orange cookies. The Cranberry and raisin cookies won hands down! They have this hint of coconut that makes it even more yum!!

Has my lactation improved? It’s too soon to tell, maybe I will order myself another batch and then see the change. But one thing’s for sure, these cookies make you feel full. So, they double up as the PERFECT midnight snack to solve your nursing cravings!

How do you order one for yourself? This is their link on Facebook – and they are quick to reply.

Their cookies cost -INR 950 to INR 1400 for 2 weeks’ worth of cookies (about 30 cookies) depending on the flavour you pick! So, go pick & enjoy!

Psst. These make the best gifts for new mums! Seriously! <3

Note: I have not been paid in any way for this review and these are solely my opinions/thoughts about the product!

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