Rising above the clutter – 1

Part 1 - Making friends with toys All things children are like rabbits; they multiply so fast that you have no idea where it all started. Clothes, toys, books, mess, just about everything related to kids accelerates within minutes. That’s my learning from cleaning up my kids’ stuff this September. Until September, I was pretty [...]

Maruvaarthai Pesaaadhey

"Maruvaarthai pesaaadhey..." echoed from the small radio at the tea stall as rain lashed around like a scorned woman. Arjun stood there, trying to make the most of his cigarette. His eyes were stinging with tears, but like the famous saying, no one could see his tears in the rain. 'Anna Oru tea kudunga' he [...]

Do me a favour – Part 2

So, I finally got help. After months of deliberation, I met a counselor to discuss my issues. What issues? For months now, I have been having mood swings and tides of low moods that have been causing a great deal of distress. If you have been following me on IG, you would see me talking [...]

Monster in my head

The monsters in my head whisper all night long. 'Toss her away... Run away. Don't come back. Cut yourself up' they keep whispering in my ears. I sing out aloud but their voice even fills the tunes of my favorite songs. Leaving my baby in her crib, I run into the bathroom, throw myself into [...]