A letter to my daughter


Day 9 of the #9DaysofWomanhood blogathon and we wrap this series of 24 blogging mothers coming together this #Navratri with an amazing thought: ‘envisioning ourselves or some woman in our life as one of the goddesses’ and I thought, instead of comparing myself or the women I know to a goddess, I might as well envision a future for my daughter. So, here goes:

Dear Isha,

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Being born as a woman is a gift in itself and to be born in a land that worships and reveres so many versions of a super power that is the same as you and me. She goes by several names, but you can draw inspiration from them to lead a life that will take you along the right path at the right times.

Be like Saraswati: Know who you are and strive to better yourself. Respects the arts; learn as many skills as you can and be good at them. Educate yourself, for there is no stronger weapon than a well-informed mind.

Be like Lakshmi: Always have an aura around you. Shine bright and look presentable. Save enough and spend sensibly. Be a giver. Remember, the more you give, the more you get. Let not money dominate you, but have control over your finances.

Be like Parvati: Be the energy that makes you the better half. Remember that you are what bonds the whole family together. This could be your family, your work family or even your friends. Provide, nourish and shower love around.

Be like Shakti: Be the power that others respect and fear. Remember that Shakti is the center of the whole universe. You have the power to restore and take away balance. Thus, act sensibly. Even Pralayam happens only when there is too much unrest. Strive to use your power well. Use it to bring balance in lives; yours and others.

Be like Durga: Do not fear to unleash your anger when the need arises. Remember that your fierceness is your protection. Do not wait for a man to come to your rescue; be your own knight in shining armor. Durga rode on lions and tigers; you (like your mom & hers) will have your own Vaahan, which will take you around the world. Depend not!

Finally, be the Devi: Make others to gravitate around you. Exude positivity and charm; smile often and laugh your heart out. Dance when it rains and even when it doesn’t. Sing from your heart. Live your life with a purpose. Do good and be good. Of course, mess up once in a while or else you wouldn’t realize the beauty of the good.

Have fun, my love!  

**** I would also like to take this opportunity to introduce Dilpreet Kaur Dua who blogs at www.bhangrababies.com You can check out her blog to read her thoughts on this as well!  ****

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