My First Year with two under two

Isha turns one in a month and the whole ride so far has been blurry. Like the kinds where you are on a motorcycle on top speed and the wind is blowing in your face. Where it’s all hazy, but you accelerate nevertheless, waiting for the haze and the wind to pass. Such rides are adrenaline pumping; they give you a LOT of feel good feels, but the haziness, the parched feeling in your mouth and the bleary eyed moment can make you wish the wind settles down soon!

My year as a mother of two children has been exactly like this. There have been really sweet, special moments but for most part of it I feel like I am running a race with no idea of the finish line. I still maintain that managing one child, however active it may be, is very doable. But when you have a toddler, a newborn and postpartum blues sitting inside the mixer, the cocktail leaves you with more than just a hangover ?
So, instead of talking much about ‘how it feels’ I am going to tell you what you can expect as a parent of two children under three.

Month 1: Newborn cuddles tiny cries and of course pangs of anxiety of the love being shared between your firstborn and the second born.

Month 2: Sleepless nights thanks to growth spurt nursing sessions. Toddler bonding with the baby, overly sometimes. Shuttling between baby and tot, engaging, satisfying and loving them both as much as they need.

Month 3: Pure unadulterated sibling love. The baby smiles at the brother, the brother helps in massaging the baby, they co-sleep without fuss. Total heart melt.

Month 4: Baby tries to move. Slowly, toddler gets confident with baby, hands over his toys, dirty shoes and more to attract the baby. Panic attacks of toddler trying to feed the baby gems.

Month 5: crawling baby tails the older brother around like a shadow. Another episode of rushing happy hormones watching the two bond.

Month 6: Toddler tantrums at the peak and baby tantrums to match the brother’s. You & your husband sit like zombies in the middle of the night, wondering where the mistake happened.

Month 7: The two start spending more meaningful time together and you can take a leak in peace. Yes, you get 2 minutes of uninterrupted bathroom time! YAY!

Month 8: baby wants brother’s food. Brother wants to feed the baby. More movement, more toys. LESS bed space!

Month 9: Sibling bonding stage 3 – hugging, cuddling, kissing, jumping together on the bed (at 11:30 in the night). Toddler becomes a bigger toddler, starts bonding emotionally with you. Even wipes your tears of fatigue and gives you a quick kiss.

Month 10: MONKEY ALERT! The siblings gang up finally and beat your husband and you! No escaping them. Blocks land mines, squeaky toys under the sofa, food inside water bottle and more. All possible, thanks to the tiny sidekick who keeps you occupied while the older brother makes master moves.

Month 11 & 12: Accept defeat. They have their tactics in place. First they will rile you up the wall, and then they will cuddle each other and melt you into a puddle. Ha ha ha!

Frankly, this one year has been MAJORLY taxing both mentally and physically, but what keeps me going is the love that I see them both share. It gives me the assurance that I have done something right. They survived this far, I am sure we will get better! 


**** I would also like to take this opportunity to introduce Dilpreet Kaur Dua who blogs at You can check out her blog to read her thoughts on this as well!  ****


7 thoughts on “My First Year with two under two

  1. Dilpreet Dua says:

    Anjana, I know this year has been tough for you but seriously reading about it feels like riot absolutely… The kids these are so intelligent that you would think you’re ahead of them but it’s actually them who are ahead of you… Kudos girl ?

  2. Preetjyot Kaur says:

    What a fun read. I guess that’s the most amazing part of parenting,when we look back at those memories which used to make us bang our head in the wall- actually turn out to be the most fun memories.

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