Text as you pop! ?

Who texts their friends from the delivery table, dilating well past 5cm? ME ? I was extremely lucky to have a bunch of beautiful friends who were super pampering and caring during my 2nd pregnancy. They were extremely excited about the delivery and even had bets running on the gender of the baby.


It brings me immense pleasure to share that I, along with 23 other bloggers are celebrating #9daysofwomanhood throughout Navratri. I thank Sanjivini for introducing me. I loved her blog on the prompt for today. You can read it here.

As for the rest of my story, read on!

14th November 2016: 9 days away from my given due date, I was wondering and hoping the baby would make a late appearance on its dad’s birthday (24th November). My mom was in town, we had all things (Lishaan’s) washed and ready for the baby when it comes. I had made a decently elaborate lunch and had just started working on a hat that was a puff stitch beret of sorts. It was very frustrating because I couldn’t get the start of the hat right. One coffee later, the hat was 3 rounds down already and I was in a flow.

So, closer to the last couple of months my husband made it a practice to come home for lunch so that I had a little extra time to cook. Every day, I would call him to tell him that lunch was ready and that he can start (his office was 10 minutes away). That day, I called him and told him the same thing ‘Lunch is ready. Come off soon’. Just like any other day, I took my toddler to set him down for a nap. I had just plonked him in the bed when something felt funny. I knew it then that the baby was on its way. So, I rang up my husband again and asked him to come as ‘it was time’. My mom sprung into a half panic – half alert mode and quickly gathered essentials in a ‘ready to go’ mode. By then 20 minutes had passed and my water had started leaking. FUN! Baby on the way. We waited for my husband to get home, woke up the toddler, told him baby was coming, fed him lunch and started for the hospital.

I remembered to take a GOOD shower (my dear friend told me that it was a very comforting and soothing way to get into the labor mode). So, off we went to the hospital.

Within minutes, I was taken to the labor ward for preliminary checkup and was asked to stay put. ‘Walk, do whatever, just be here’ they said. Mega moment: I was discussing with a mom about what carrier she should go for and what she should be trying before she made a purchase 😛 My mom literally threw a fit and asked me to hand over my phone!  Later, my mom and the toddler were comfortably settled into a room and the husband kept running up and down, checking on both parties. Meanwhile, my messenger kept buzzing with messages from this mom-friends-bunch and the usual Whatsapp groups, as usual. So I thought, why not surprise them all. From 2:30pm in the afternoon till about midnight, I played along and kept the whole deal a secret. I think I finally put my phone away when they moved me to the delivery table and my senior doctor said ‘what the hell are you doing with a phone right now?’ in a quizzical tone. So, no one knew about it and I remember after Isha came out, we went back to our room and in the middle of the night, I texted them ‘Girl or boy?’ and everyone started jumping! It was super exciting and definitely a very special welcome for my baby girl. My friends probably thought I was insane, but hey! An addition to any family should be a pleasant surprise, right? ?


**** I would take the opportunity to introduce Dilpreet Kaur Dua who blogs at www.bhangrababies.com You can check out her blog to read her thoughts on this as well!  ****


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