Why I wear what I wear

Here’s a word on the one thing that has worked for me as a parent – babywearing. I have come across a lot of people who’ve thought it’s a ‘bag’, ‘pouch’ or even a ‘cage’ for the baby. But, if you were a nuclear parent like me, who has to be up and about all the time, you will call your carrier (psst, that’s the name for it) your extra pair of hands.

I chanced upon babywearing when a colleague of mine thought that it would be the perfect gift to my newborn and got my office to get me a carrier at the same time as an aunt visiting from the US who gifted us another type of a carrier. That was the point of no turning back. I started off feeling fascinated about the whole deal of being hands free and it just kept getting better.

One thing led to another and I was part of one of the biggest babywearing networks in India there is. Half the time, I would ogle at the various carries and carriers (they make the love for sarees seem childish). I would troubleshoot once in a while and just keep stalking people on the group. This was more like a confidence building exercise for me.

Our wearing days initially were only we went out and stuff. But moving cities with a toddler has made me swear by baby wearing. Thankfully, little L loves it too. From putting him down for a nap within minutes to whipping up meals at dinner time, babywearing is there for me.

At some point,  this love for ‘wearing’ L grew from just a ‘thing to do’ into a way of life. I recommend babywearing to every mother I see. It’s like recommending trying Rathna Cafe’s sambar idlis. You just HAVE to experience this beauty. Its relieving and relaxing to both the baby and you.

imageThe world of babywearing recently opened up from the humble Ring Slings (RS) and Full Buckle SSCs to the adventurous episodes of wraps. Ha ha! Wrapping is like the biggest thing right now. Everybody wants to wrap or give a shot at it. It’s fun, challenging and definitely not boring. There are sizes, types, finishes and challenges that will keep you going for quite a while.

Thanks to a wonderful lady,  Chinmayie, who creates the bestest  carriers there are in India, I am now a part of a network that’s passing on this love for babywearing to more mothers.

Yesterday, was the first time we met (a good 3 dozen and more) and boy was it fun! It was like a VIVA examination where I’d hop from mom & bub to mom & bub showing them and getting them to wear their babies. I sure was exhausted by the end, but the many happy faces and gurgling smiles got me on a high!


I could talk to you about babywearing all night long. There’s so much more to learn and experiment that I would probably have you wrapping your dog or slinging up your niece by the end of it all!

This thing is infectious and I know I am not making total sense anymore, but if you have a baby start wearing them NOW! You will be amazed to see how much of a better bond you can create with your child without you becoming a mom-zilla around crying babies and cranky toddlers.image

P.S. : I understand it looks not so normal to you,  but believe me wearing your baby is the bestest thing you could do! Did you know that babies who are worn more often are usually extremely confident and calm as they grow up? Did you know that you could calm a crying infant within minutes of wearing them thanks to the warmth they feel while on you? Did you know that babywearing also involves toddlers and not just babies?

Aaaaand did you know that babywearing dads look a million bucks? 😉


Oh, I could just go on and on, but I will stop for now.

To babywearing and the happiness it brings! 😀

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