PLB Kids – August Kids Book Box review

Lishaan hasn’t been the bookworm kinds. So far, he has been interested in active play and books have been gathering dust, much to my dismay. At one point, I stopped buying books (no matter how interesting they were) because he just wouldn’t sit to read. Of course, with Isha coming in, I hardly even found time to read to him. What changed the scene? A post on Instagram by a friend, about a subscription box with a BOOK in it! But what caught my attention was the adorable peacock activity.

Lishaan and peacocks have a history. Where we stay in Coimbatore, we have a lot of peacocks in our backyard. EVERY morning, we could hear them scream (yes, that’s what it’s called) merrily. Not one, not two, but dozens of them. At first sight, they frightened Lishaan. Something about them made him not toe the line. That changed when we started to SHOW him what peacocks actually were and what beautiful creatures they are. Their blue-green feathers, the display of this beauty and them hopping roofs in our neighbourhood  got Lishaan to like them eventually.

Back to topic 😀 Priya Prithviraj’s PLB Kids box got me intrigued with just a peacock on it. I spoke to her and we got some additions happening to the box (Thank you so much for that, Priya). When we received the package, I must admit, I was more thrilled than him. It took my some serious effort to keep the worksheets and cut outs away from Lishaan’s eyes. He yelled ‘Amma Peacock vandhurku’ (Amma peacock has come home) but I had to divert his attention away because I knew it needed some ‘sit down and do’ kind of time.

Activity: The August subscription box comes with three activities – A peacock cut out activity, a couple of coloring sheets and a weather tracking sheet.

A week or so after receiving the PLB box, we found time to do some craftsy work with the cut out sheets and voila! Beautiful scenery of rains, clouds and peacocks in full swing went up on our bedroom wall! The toddler was sure thrilled. Even better, he gave them names – Appa peacock, Amma peacock, Lishaan peacock and Anna baby (Isha) peacock. I loved the fact that he could immediately relate his life to the peacocks and even give them identities.

Along with the cutout activities were two sheets for him to color happily (and all of his favourite things in it too – frogs, mushrooms, clouds, the Sun etc). For once he knew which colors went where and even instructed me to fill in the parts he hadn’t colored well 😉

We still haven’t used the days of the week / weather tracker chart, but I have tucked it away safely to revisit soon!

The Book: The Red Raincoat by Kiran Kasturia (published by Pratham books) was a fantastic read. Every time the book is chosen for our tea-time reading, I have both the kids hovering around intently. What I loved most about the book was the simple introduction of concepts like days, weather and ‘where, what, when, who and why’. English isn’t Lishaan’s primary language, but I am glad this book happened to us because I can see him pick up sentences and expressions better with each attempt.

Overall, PLB Kids is doing a fantastic job putting together these ‘experiences’ for eager children! Priya is sweet enough to customize a bit as well! That’s what I love about PLB kids. The fact that your needs are attended to, personally and that they easy on mom and kid.

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and don’t forget to get their September box which is another of my toddler’s favourites!

~ The Lazy Parent